Are you looking for a better job, a promotion, more money, a new relationship and are willing to work on your own inner power and allow the universal intelligence to bring these things to you?

The course you are looking for is CREATING SUCCESS WITH MIND POWER

Have you been practicing meditation and perhaps mindfulness but
a) you are not successful at it?
b) you’ve been practicing but hasn’t benefited much?
c) you aren’t getting the guidance that you need or feel you need a teacher to set you straight?
d) you don’t have time for formal meditation? and/or

The course you are looking for is THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS

Are you looking to take responsibility for your own pain and problems and work at reducing your own personal inner suffering?  Mindfulness (not just meditation!) is the answer.   Join THE MIRACLE OF MINDFULNESS

Are you unhappy or ill and need to work to bring positive energy and love your way?

The course you are looking for is METTA HEALING GUIDED MEDITATIONS


If you would like private online spiritual consultations and individualized guided meditations to suit your needs, distance healing, or private versions of the courses above, please email: [email protected] for quotes and more information.


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