Creating Success with Mind Power 

New Year’s Edition: Jan 12, 7:30pm; Jan 15, 10am; Jan 19, 7:30pm.

ZOOM MEDITATIONS. 3 powerful channeled meditations within 10 days aimed at bringing your goals to life.  Includes individual advice and a spiritual assistance event. See below!

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Achieving Your Goals 

The course is designed to help you aligned yourself correctly with your goals for their easy fruition.   I’m very good at this skill, have seen it taught not completely correctly, and am here to assist you in improving the quality of your life and mind.

-Three Group Skype Meditations, within 10 days:

Meditation 1: Goals in motion. I will do my best to help you set your intentions deep inside you and help them to be heard, supported and guided by higher intelligence.

Meditation 2: Empowering your goals. We will also revisit our personal goals for the year and attract them closer by releasing what is blocking them.

Meditation 3: Unearthing the subconscious. Revisiting our intentions for the year, and making sure we are aligned, and in the flow of life. Not blindly hoping to attract good things to us, but anticipating that, feeling that, with a deeper connection from within.

– One 15 Minute individual spiritual consultation:  I will listen to your present obstacles in life, and provide individual advice from higher sources, for what spiritual practices you need to do in order to overcome your present difficulties and build a higher quality mind.

–After the three meditations are completed, you will all lay quietly and I will balance your energy, and invoke higher intelligence and blessings that will assist you on your path and complete your alignment.

The meditations are designed to bring success in health and healing, relationships and love, career and finances, and whatever else we feel we are here to achieve through the power of the mind and heavenly guidance. This is powerful and beautiful and really works, but the work does require your diligence, attentiveness and openness!

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After taking the course with Jess I felt a great a great shift happen in my thinking and vibration, something I haven’t experienced in years, and some of it never before. It felt real this time, like I was ready. Well in the past 3 weeks things rapidly changed. I got a really great job down on Bay St! Something I will enjoy and be a perfect fit for me… I also had the courage to really stand up to my ex girlfriend and accept the ending of our relationship. I met a new girl! Plus even more great things! I just feel like something has shifted. I sometimes get high from it all but I want to keep it balanced and keep moving forward and staying at peace. Well, I just wanted you to know that it worked for me and it will keep on working. Thank you!

Mike Pacione

Hey Jess! I’d like to thank you for your healing and most importantly enlightening creating success course in March. I’ve already 60 percent fulfilled the dream life for this year I envisioned in mind during our session. I’ll be living in Israel for about 2 years since June 5th, studying in Tel Aviv University for my master degree -MBA. And I’ll be living with the man I love as well during my stay in Israel. Thank you for your wise words and encouragement. I was in the worst condition at that time. It reinforced my faith in the power of belief. I always recall what you said: life is the expression of what’s holden in your heart. I’m getting stronger, braver and more conscious. Thank you very much again for your help 🙂


Thank you once again Jess.  You are a wonderful force and it’s lovely to hear your soothing voice.  I am alreading benefiting in a BIG way these past few weeks and will continue to!  Metta 🙂

Dena Sicard

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