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Welcome to the Buddha School Library of free audio only for VIP subscribers.   Below are recent recordings of Talks, Meditations, and Retreats by Jess Koffman in Ontario and Thailand.  Please click here to listen to previous episode of Buddha School Broadcasts, beginning September 2018. For Jes’ Book Insight and some higher quality sound recordings of complete series and classes from 2010-2016, please visit the download store.


Learning Calmness Meditation:


Learning Meditation for Wisdom:


A Dhamma Talk from a Retreat at The Dharma Centre of Canada:



Loving Kindness and Truth of the Body –  A guided Meditation:



Downtown Dhamma Hour Live in Toronto at Stemz,  Tuesday August 7, 2018




Insight Wednesday, North York, ON. August 1, 2018: Dhamma the way it is supposed to be taught – heart to heart, one person at a time. Pure Magic!



Ohm Meditation –  Jess and the audience, open up and healing the vibration together.



Dhamma on Separating Body and Mind,  August 15, 2018.
Listen to Jess lead a group of his students through important insights and develop quickly along the Buddhist Path