Upcoming Talks

There are few in this world with the intimate understanding of these topics as Jess does; firstly from scholarly work and then from his time with his master and advanced friend and mentors in Thailand.  Talks like these in English are an extremely unique and exclusive experience. Do not miss such opportunities.

The evenings will be $30 each.  Aug 28 and Oct 24 have powerful individual blessings after (with a short message) for a recommended donation of $15 more.  All talks at a North Toronto or Thornhill location provided upon RVSP to [email protected]. You may also attend ONLINE via SKYPE, details upon etransfer. Recordings available after each talk for $15.  email: [email protected] to request/transfer.

Upcoming Talks with Short Meditations:   Monday, August 26 at 7:30pm. North York.
Topic:  The Arahant, the fully enlightened being and his powers. 
This talk, like all of them, is for everyone, but covers an advanced topic and is the 3rd in a series. No need to have attended the first two; you may jump right at this point without problem.

Wednesday August 28 at 7:30pm. Sanibel Yoga Studio. RSVP only [email protected]
Topic: Spiritual Error. Must Learn Eastern Mind to Compute Eastern Wisdom. 
Our western minds have been brought up and conditioned to think and act in ways that are not conducive to spiritual development. Learn the mind of the east and how we can adopt some attitudes that will make our meditation, healing and practices for enlightenment prosper.

Thursday October 24 at 7:30pm.  Sanibel Yoga Studio. RSVP only [email protected]
Topic:  The 16 Stages of Insight 
The Path to Enlightenment is well documented in Buddhism. Learn the steps on the path of Truth as the mind nears correct understanding from someone who has been up and down this road many times.