Skype Course Purchase Confirmation

Thank you for registering for this Skype course.  Your instructions are below.  Please read and follow carefully:

Please add the Skype contact contact :  healinglife123. 

Please sign in to Skype a few minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.  There will be a group created with the name of the course, and this group will call you.  DO NOT CALL JESS OR THE GROUP to initiate the call.   Once you have accepted the call at the scheduled time, and you are able to hear Jess, please MUTE your microphone to avoid any distortion and disturbances.  Please make sure you know how to do this in advance. If you forget and are asked to mute, and do not mute, you will be disconnected without refund.  You will be asked to unmute if/when it is time for you to speak or ask questions.

If there are connection issues, and you are disconnected, you are to call in to the group and will automatically be reconnected.  If the connection problem was on Jess’ end, it make take a few calls to get back in.  Jess will add you.

If there are any other instructions they will be type in the IM area.

Enjoy the course.  It will be life changing.