The Miracle of Mindfulness


  • 5-10 Lessons in Mindfulness for Wisdom with individual mindfulness homework and Q&A              

    Wednesdays July 11 –  Sept 11, 2018, 7:45pm-9:15pm at Mitchell Field C.C. in North York, Ground Floor 

Each session comprises a 40 minute talk and 10 minute meditation, followed by 30 minutes Q&A regarding your practice with individual short meditation homework assignments. Cost: $300 for 10 or $180 for any 5 of the 10 available (plus HST 13%).  Payment in advance in person or by email transfer to   You are also welcome to stay until 9:30pm for Free Buddhist Chanting. 🙂

My Master in Thailand has asked me to teach Mindfulness and Vipassana to the West.  This is the real deal that the Buddha taught, the path to wisdom, with case by case penetrating wisdom.  If this resonates within you, you are of high merit and may be ready to follow the Buddha’s path to ending personal suffering. Designed to give you a correct understanding of what mindfulness is, how to practice it in daily life and in formal meditation, what benefits you can expect quickly and amazing shifts you can expect down the road.  No two people’s minds are alike. I will put each of you on a meditation program based on your aptitudes to get you developing your practice towards higher peace and wisdom into reality. You are required to practice a minimum of 10 minutes meditation per day throughout the month of the course and some awareness during your daily activities.  Everyone will benefit from this opportunity, whether a beginner or regular practitioner.  I learned from the greatest masters in my 17 years in Buddhist Thailand and I have their blessing to share the wisdom with the western world. Those that complete the course and continue their practice are eligible for:

  1. Coming to Thailand in February and learning with my teacher directly  (please inquire)
  2. The Mindfulness Teacher certification course after 1 year’s experience. (6 Month Correspondence course – please inquire)
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