Jess Peter Koffman, B.Sc. (Hon.), M.A. (Buddhist Studies), Reiki Master Teacher


After a short stint as an Actuarial analyst, Jess moved to Thailand seventeen years ago and began his spiritual journey with Buddhist Healing at the Power of Life Center in Bangkokmeditation, firstly in the Mahasi Sayadaw Burmese Tradition and now studies under Luangpor Pramote of Suan Santidham Temple in Sriracha, Thailand (  He has taken numerous meditation retreats around Thailand and has spent time as a Buddhist Monk.  He was designated as a volunteer meditation instructor by Master Suphat of Wat Mahatatu Temple in Bangkok and was asked to teach the West by Luangpor Pramote.  He speaks Thai fluently and has taught and assisted great monks on insight meditation seminars in English and Thai around Thailand,Toronto, Switzerland, and the United States. He teaches online worldwide teaching people to gain wisdom, peace and success in their life.

He holds a Master of Arts degree in Buddhist Studies from Maha Chula University in Bangkok, where he lectured in Applied Dhamnma.   He has compiled, translated, adapted and edited Buddhist Books for Asia Books and Amarin Publishing companies, including “Practical Buddhism: The Legacy of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu”, The bestseller “The Top Secret”, and “A Meditator’s Guide” and “To See the Truth,”   compilations of teachings by the esteemed Venerable Pramote of Sri Racha, Thailand.  He is the author of Insight, a book revealing the answers to long held mysteries regarding such things as the mind, the light, enlightenment, god, and the soul.  Order below.

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