Mindfulness and meditations from Thailand and its greatest masters.

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Downtown Dhamma

Join us at the beautiful Dharma Centre of Canada for Jess’ annual Awareness Retreat, this Summer, July 4-8 (early departure available).  Click here for more.


Buddha School Broadcasts

Click here to learn about Jess’ Monday night guided meditation evenings; powerful healing energy and teachings, conducive to spiritual experiences and insights.

Mindfulness Class with Jess Koffman

Difficulties are Priceless ( Introduction )
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Hi Jess! You have been a profound teacher in my life. I feel so much love and appreciation! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your healing and wisdom. Looking forward to our healing session tomorrow. Hugs, Susie Susie

Thank you Jess for your loving guidance.  You are a wonderful teacher and guide.  I have enjoyed the course and the personal consult.  Thank you for the incredible lessons……and the homework… Peace and Love Lynn

Thank-you for sharing your wisdom and having the words to express what we all feel Jess!  Namaste everyone. Christine

Jess’ book InsightA meditator shines light on higher planes of consciousness, happiness and human potential, provides a map of all spirituality and practices and a clear outline of the path to freedom.  You will see where you fit in to the big picture, all that is available in the universe of spirituality, and see your own potential. Jess’ writes from his research and profound healing and meditative experiences from his 18 years practice as a healer and Buddhist in Southeast Asia.  Order by sending an etransfer of $25 (+$10 shipping outside of Ontario, Canada) and email with name and address to

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